Proactive peer support for VHL patients in Canada

and their family members

Example Annual Expenses:

Cell phone Canada-wide: $180

P.O. Box Canada Post: $120Website hosting and domain (plus email): $130

Office supplies: $10

Significantly reduced...Internet -None for 2021-22: previously $1080 - free wifi

Cell phone - long distance $1000 - changed companies

Website hosting: changed companies

Previous: Used Desktop PC, printer, Toll-free #, Website analytics, etc.)

We are volunteer-run. We pay no salaries, just out-of-pocket expenses

Our activities, revenue and expenses are regulated by Charities Directorate, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

*Registered Charity Number BN: 800804676 RR 0001

Our temporary mailing address is: VHL Canada C/O: H. Seo 618 Gladstone Avenue Toronto ON, M6H 3J4