We are volunteer-run. We pay no salaries, just out-of-pocket expenses

Social-Emotional, Appraisal and Informational Support

= 432h per year; 36h monthly average responsibility of Peer Support Volunteer (PSV) *

  • Peer group chats/Individual contacts

  • Outreach: blogs, group posts, social media (Facebook) and website

Other Volunteer Activities or Work

= 96h per year; 8h monthly average

  • Administrative

  • Board of directors

  • Book-keeping and record-keeping

  • Strategizing and planning (including compliance with CRA guidelines)

  • Fundraising and awareness-raising

  • Maintaining records, in a physical “office” location

Examples of expenses:
  • $10 / month helps us with website and email domain and hosting

  • $10 / month helps us with a Post Office Box (12 months) and bank fees

  • $15 / month covers phone (basic)

  • $50 to help a family with costs associated with many appointments (e.g. travel, groceries, etc)

  • other qualified donees or research grants may be considered (if possible)

  • Past costs included: Internet, Web-statistics and office software, re-furbished PC, printer, etc.


*PSV is a permanent volunteer position responsible for all the psychosocial-emotional (group and individual) and informational support for peers. Currently, it is held by an experienced VHL patient who also happens to be a registered social worker, and has many years of professional mental health treatment experience.

Our activities, revenue and expenses are regulated by Charities Directorate, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

*Registered Charity Number BN: 800804676 RR 0001

2938 Dundas St.W.
PO Box 70510