Selected BLOGS - Living with social-emotional aspects of VHL

Stress and Coping with VHL:

🍁Active Coping RCC/VHL video

🍁Positive Coping with Health Problems

🍁Healthy Living 3 areas

🍁Defining and rating distress

Centre for Studies on Human Stress (Montréal):

🍁NUTS vs CBT stress recipe

🍁Deconstructing and Reconstructing Stress

🍁Déconstruire et reconstruire le stress

Wellness and Resilience:

🍁11 Wellness Modules

🍁VH Wellness Checklist

🍁Mental fitness tips

Worry and Anger:

🍁Worry less - more effectively

🍁Stress, worry and anxiety?

🍁Be “effective” vs “right”

Mind Body Practice:

🍁Mind Body and other terms

🍁Be Mindful without meditating

🍁Mindful yoga movements

🍁Self, Family, Peers and Team


Children and Adolescents:

🍁Supporting kids... 1

🍁Supporting kids... 2 tips

🍁Resilience-Parents role link


VHL Peer wisdom:

🍁Things we have in common

🍁Preparing for surgery


Psychosocial (approach or treatment)

🍁What is "Psychosocial"?

🍁Psychosocial treatment Panic, anxiety, depression tip sheets

🍁My VHL Dialysis Mental Health Treatment

🍁 Clinical (drug) trials &“My VHL” survey info



VHLC Who Clinical Coordination Appointments?

VHLC My Multiple Specialists Tests Appointments

VHL Canada Contacts, Email list, Population Summary

VHLC Vim and Vigor Life Lived