Mother’s Day

United in disease: mother and son fight recurrent tumours:
"For Linda Rousselle and her son Loïc Rousselle-Charbonneau … operations and hospital visits are part of everyday life. Both suffering from Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome, a rare and orphan hereditary disease…"
Originally in French: “Unis dans la maladie: une mère et son fils combattent des tumeurs à repetition”, Le Journal de Montréal

"Power to all the mamas out there … As someone who has endured 2 abdominal surgeries & a brain surgery, I truly thought a c section would be simple (wrong wrong wrong)…"

S, Quebec,  April 2019

"Family support was also perceived as important, particularly for younger patients..."

-European Journal of Human Genetics

"When I go to the hospital with [my son], I try to make it like a "journée privilège". We bring a lunch and make a picnic with some food that he likes..." Quebec

"She's not a little kid [anymore] so she gets it … with her being in high school they try to make them for the summer so she doesn't miss school it's the norm for us..." Manitoba

"This is wonderful time have a group in Canada. My son and step daughter, 25, both have VHL. My son is 10 so I've joined on his behalf..." N, Alberta 2018