It's hard to say really ā€¦ I always tell my one son [age 21] he is my inspiration he is the one that is strong and that is what makes me strong he is very isolated when it comes to his feeling etc but I always say I have a certain bond with each if my kids does not make me love them any more then the next but I feel this is mine and his bond the courage and strength we both have living with vhl that others don't understand but us ya know my other son is only 4 so he does not yet understand what is going on ...
as for parenting and tips it's hard cause no matter how many times u try to support ur child and say it will b OK deep down u know hearing that is so annoyingā€¦
I feel as a tip I always tell my son and all children I'm always here I will never judge but will always support and know they /he is NEVER ALONE but I don't poke and pry about it as I feel it makes him more depressed and will repress all his emotions and that is not what he or anyone needsā€¦  
he will open up to me at times of his anxieties etc and to have him do that I feel I have accomplished something for him to do that and express my thanks to him and always say ā€œI don't know how u feel even though I have vhl also I can't say I know the feeling cause all I know are my feelings as we r different in every way we just have the same thing if that makes any sense but I do feel the stress the fears the pains etc and that is why I'm always here for you so u can express all yours to me if to just help u for a bitā€ .... I hope this makes sense to u (Ontario)