VHL Canada
Top 10 as of Dec.1/21

🍁VHLC US Canadian Global support and information: review of VHL charity groups, May 2
🍁VHLC Nobel VHL Research Fundamental Life Process: implications of VHL related research on health, Jun 19
🍁VHL Canada Website Update: popular pages in last 4 months, Sep 12
🍁FDA Health Canada Collaboration VHL Drug FDA’s Project Orbit and different countries review the same clinical trials for cancer drugs, Aug 19
🍁Drugs US VHL Canada: approval process (Canada) and cost of clinical drug trials (US), Jul 24
🍁Grounded Rollercoaster VHL Canada: a simple diagram of potential VHL related life events, Aug 11
🍁VHL Canada Towns Cities: list of places where many patients and family live with VHL in Canada, Aug 23
🍁VHLC Self-advocate: a simple and wise tip, Jun 16
🍁VHLC I have to β€œsteal” toilet paper from the hospital! πŸ˜ƒ: peer's note on being poor, Nov 5
🍁VHLC Take Charge: article β€œHow to Take Charge of Your Medical Care”, Jun 29


🍁VHLC Website Updates and Volunteer Hours Nov. 17/21

🍁VHLC like other national support models, Nov. 23

🍁VHLC daily warm-ups for daily tasks, Nov. 24

🍁VHLC Update Notes Welireg/Belzutifan Canada (Part 1), Nov. 30

🍁VHLC Update Notes Welireg/Belzutifan Canada Part 2, Nov.30

🍁VHLC Self-advocate tip β€œVHL CAN”, Dec 3

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